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About Us

We sell products to help you express your progressive values.
Feelin' Radical Co-founders, Alan Scarpa and Eric Jones

We're just three average people who realized that the change in this country is going to start with the average American, not the folks at the top. We didn't want to sit on the sidelines like we did in 2016, so we made some phone calls and decided to launch Feelin' Radical and Bernie Babies.

Bernie Babies

The idea came to us when we started craving Girl Scout cookies. The cookies are delicious, but they also do a great job generating buzz and funds for the Girl Scouts of America. That's what we hope to achieve with our incredibly cute Bernie Babies. Not only do proceeds go directly to the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign, but every time someone gets their hands on this adorable plush doll, they show their friends and post it to social media. This helps to spread his message and raise awareness in a way that a straight cash donation does not.

Bernie Babies in Hollywood

We asked all of our friends how many times they've donated directly to a candidate. Most people we spoke with had never donated to a candidate. But everyone has shopped online and feels good about shopping from brands that do something positive with the money. We hope that Bernie Babies resonates with people in a unique way and helps to get people involved in the movement who otherwise might let 2020 slip by.

Together, we can fuel the movement.

Proceeds are donated to numerous progressive causes and candidates. For more details, please visit our FAQs page.

Be Radical.